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Robots win soccer match against humans by 2050!

Luxemburger Wort: "RoboCup comes to Luxembourg", link to the video (15.12.16)

The RoboCup is a soccer world cup for robots whose purpose is to foster continuous development in robotics in order to achieve the set goal, which is that by 2050 robots will be able to win against the current human world champions playing according to the FIFA rules.

The robots are programmed or in some cases built by universities all around the globe. Which makes the competition interesting and challenging at the same time.

Luxembourg United was launched by Dr Patrice Caire and her team from the Social Robotics Lab in January 2016. It took off when the team received the first prize of the Banque de Luxembourg, at the Deloitte/FNR Innovation Forum, and subsequently a funding from the SnT Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust. The RoboCup Project then became an SnT project.

The objective of the project is to bring our Luxembourg United team to successfully compete in the Standard Platform League (SPL) in RoboCup competitions. Important outcomes of the projects are:

1) Address research questions leading to market applications;

2) Motivate students to become expert programmers and researchers;

3) Provide the industry with expert programmers formed in our Social Robotics Lab;

4) Give visibility to the SnT-Uni.lu.

Social Robotics Lab of Dr Caire , Automation Group of Prof. Voos.