Upcoming events

27-31/07/17 - RoboCup World Championship (Japan, Nagoya) 

Past Events

05-07/05/17 - RoboCup German Open (Germany, Magdeburg) 

Team Picture on the stage of German Open 2017

Monia,Yan, Patrice,Ana,Claudio,Gabriele

LU team(centre),B-human(right),Berlin united(left),

22/03/17      - Springbreak Luxembourg, Luxexpo - the Box  (Luxembourg, Kirchberg) 

(Grand Duke and Grande Duchesse of luxembourg)
Secretary of state France Close and Dr. Patrice

Yan, Patrice Caire and Ana 

 (Group Picture)

02/03/17 - Philantropic event, "Fundraising à l'Université du Luxembourg" (Luxembourg, Centre Bancaire, Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat)

21/02/17 - Radio broadcast "Eldoradio"

(f.l.t.r. Guenda, Massimo, Speddy (Robot), Patrice, Laurent)

08/02/17 - Luxembourg United final match at the MHVL (Luxembourg) from 14:00 to 17:30.

02/02/17 - TV show on "RTL", Robot stadium in the JFK SnT building on the Kirchberg (Luxembourg)

23/01/17 - First tests in our new full-size football field in the JFK SnT building on the Kirchberg (Luxembourg)

11/01/17 - Video show of our attacker's kicks, goal keeper dive and ball recognition at the MHVL (Luxembourg)


20/12/16 - Qualification results for the RoboCup robot World Cup 2017 (video): We are qualified!! :)

20/12/16 - Lunch at "Favaro Take Out" during our workshop day with our Tokyo team member, Sebastien Cagnon.

14/12/16 - Luxembourg United return at the MHVL (Luxembourg)

25/11/16 - Participation at the RoHOW Workshop in Hamburg (Germany)

13/11/16 - The Fan Zone: Before the Netherland-Luxembourg human soccer game, Luxembourg United robots soccer team demonstrates penalties at the MHVL (Luxembourg)

08/10/16 - Luxembourg united Soccer Demo  at the Museum of History of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

19/09/16 - Soccer demo at the University Welcome Day 2016 (Luxembourg)